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An Evening With Joe Galloway

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Dear AAPINCDP  Members,

You are cordially invited to “Reminiscences of 1971 – An evening with Joseph L Galloway”, to be  held on September 16, 2016 at 1328, Magnolia Bend Loop, Cary, NC 27519.   Joe Galloway,  a legendary war hero, historian, writer of a best selling book-“We Were Soldiers”, who  is the  most respected  military correspondent of US Department of Defense. Perhaps, Mr. Galloway,  is  happened to be only US military  journalist,   who visited  Dhaka in 1971, witnessed Pakistani Army’s atrocity and heinous crime,  vividly  protested   and expressed his deep concern against  in discriminant killing  and  preemptive attack  on thousands of innocent Bangalees.   

Mr. Galloway shared his deep concern against Pakistani massacre  with late US Ambassador  Archer Blood, who was  stationed  at Dhaka in 1971.   When Mr.  Joe Galloway’s plane took  off from Dhaka,  Joe mentioned  “I still remember  “Fear, fire and the sword are the only things holding East and West Pakistan together … ” Late   Ambassador Blood  was  the most supportive  US  diplomat to our liberation war  and expressed  strong  disagreement  against the polices of  President Richard Nixon and national security adviser Henry Kissinger.   Mr. Galloway wrote in his memoir ” Blood did not sign that cable, but he added a footnote subscribing fully to the views it expressed and then wrote prophetically: “I believe the most likely eventual outcome of the struggle under way in East Pakistan is a Bengali victory and the consequent establishment of an independent Bangladesh.” He argued strongly against “pursuing a rigid policy of one-sided support to the likely loser.”..

Mr.  Joe Galloway is the living legend and true friend of our liberation war, and as of today, he neither  revealed  his disturbed experience and Pakistani’s heinous  crime to any press core nor he shared with any Bangladeshi group any where  in the world.  Mr. Galloway’s untold stories  about Nixon Administration and Pakistani regime  is monumental, bedazzling, and  could be engraved as an  opening  era  of new episodes in depicting how  US journalists   were supportive to the cause of  our great  liberation war.

Mr. Joe Galloway will be visiting us at 1328,  Magnolia Bend Loop, Cary,  on September 16, 2016.   Perhaps, we will be the first Bangladeshi community residing in USA, who   will  have the rare opportunity  in listening and sharing  untold reminisces from one  of the most respected and acclaimed war hero,  journalist  and true friend of  our  liberation war  “Joseph L Galloway”.

Date:     Friday, September 16, 2016 Time:     7:00 ~ 10:00pm Venue:  1328, Magnolia Bend Loop               Cary , NC 27519


Note: Dinner will be served,  RSVP is  requested  for   “Evening with Joseph  Galloway”

Best Regards,

Rashidul Islam Rubel & Tasneem Islam

Who is Mr. Joseph L Galloway

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7ZyjlFKWBA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2Jw9AZy8_M




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